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We offer Transaero Airlines flights.

«Transaero Ailrines» - first private airline in Russia. This air company operates on more than 160 routes. Flights begin from three Moscow hubs – Domodevodo, Shereremetyevo and Vnukovo. This company offers flights to Africa, America, Asia, Europe, CIS and domestic flights in Russia.



Hand baggage


Each piece of baggage should not exceed 115 cm in the total sum of 3 dimensions. Passengers are allowed to take on board following hand luggage accordingly to travel class:

Imperial: 2 pieces up to 10 kg all together

Business/Premium: 2 pieces up to 8 kg all together

Economy/Discounted: 1 piece up to 8 kg


Additionally is allowed to take 1 fordable baby stroller.


Checked baggage


Free baggage allowance for Transaero flights, excluding flights to/from USA/Canada:

Imperial: 45 kg

Business: 35 kg

Premium: 35 kg

Economy: 25 kg

Discounted: 20 kg

For children (0-2 year) 1 piece up to 10 kg.

Baggage size in the total sum of 3 dimensions must not exceed 203 сm, max. weight of one baggage piece - 30 kg.


For flights to/from the USA/Canada:


Imperial: 3 pieces up to 32 kg each,

Business: 2 pieces up to 32 kg each,

Premium: 2 pieces up to 32 kg each,

Economy: 2 pieces up to 25 kg each,

Discounted: 1 piece up to 25 kg.

Total sum of three baggage dimensions should not exceed 158 сm.



Check-in for Transaero Airlines flights


Passenger could make Web check-in or mobile check-in or check-in via Skype. Check-in begins 23 hours for scheduled flights and 12 hours in prior for tourist flights before departure. Web check-in closes 1 hour in prior before the flights departure, and 4 hours before departure for the flights to/from the USA. Passengers also could use self-service kiosks at the airports 24 h/7 d. Flights from the USA to Domodevo – New York and Domodedovo-Miami could make check-in only at the departure airports.

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