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We offer cheap flights to Portugal.

Portugal is a southern country on the Iberian Peninsula. Its only neighbor is Spain and in the western and southern coast Atlantic Ocean. The part of Portugal is also in the Atlantic Ocean  Azores and Madeira Island. West of the capital city of Lisbon is the westernmost point in the final - Hand horn. In 1139th Portugal gained independence from Spain and became a kingdom. In 1179th Pope also declared its independence. In 1580th Portugal reached the Spanish control, but after 60 years of regained independence. In 1807th the country was conquered by Napoleon Bonaparte.  In 1911th, Portugal became a republic. In 1926th were held in a military coup, followed by Antonio Salazar's dictatorship, which lasted until 1968th. In 1949th Portugal was one of the 12 founding members of NATO. Since 1986. Portugal is in the European Union.





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