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We offer Ryanair cheap flights. Ryanair is the world’s favourite airline operating over 1,500 flights per day from 51 bases on 1,500 low fare routes across 28 countries, connecting over 168 destinations. Ryanair operates a fleet of over 290 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft with firm orders for a further 13 new aircraft (before taking account of planned disposals), which will be delivered over the next year. Ryanair has a team of more than 8,500 people and expects to carry over 80 million passengers in the current fiscal year.


Hand baggage


Each passenger (excluding infants) is permitted is strictly a unit of hand luggage weighing up to 10kg and dimensions are not more than 55 x 40 x 20 cm It can be a handbag, briefcase, laptop, groceries, luggage, etc., but all must fit into one piece of hand luggage allowed.
You can not miss in the security check point because it exceeded the allowed parameters of hand luggage. In this case, if there is an opportunity to place it on the plane you will be allowed to carry it after paying a fine of £ 35 / € 35. If you are not sure, check the weight of the luggage rack near the baggage before heading to the security check point.
Infants are not entitled to transportation of baggage (although a pram / carrycot can be carried free of charge).
Under the rules of airport security in hand luggage if you have any liquids, gels, pastes, lotions or liquid cosmetics, they must be placed in special packaging (20x20 cm), which is issued when checking (on request, so always inform your service checks if you have with you something liquid). The total volume of liquid should not exceed 1 liter.
Only gels, pastes, lotions and liquid cosmetics in containers of 100 ml or less would be allowed to carry passengers through security checkpoints at all airports in EU / EEA. Please note that there is a limit of one transparent plastic bag of special packaging of liquid per person.



Checked-in baggage


For safety reasons Ryanair does not accept to carry a separate burden exceeding 32 kilograms, or dimensions in excess of 81 cm (height) 119 cm (width) and 119 cm (depth). This weight limit does not apply to mobile equipment.
Each passenger after payment of applicable fees for baggage can register up to two checked pieces of luggage. When you order a selection of luggage at 15 pounds or 20 kilograms (one unit). Once an order is made, checked baggage can be added to your reservation. Your Reservation will be able to check at any time, under Manage My Booking (Managing my order) https://www.bookryanair.com/SkySales/FRManageBooking.aspx?culture=en-ie&lc=en-lv 4 hours before departure time. Fees for checked baggage are calculated for each flight in the same direction as the rights and anuliruyutsya when ordering online. Higher fees apply in the case of checked baggage when purchased through the call center Ryanair, ticket office or airport, as well as on flights
• to / from Canary Islands
• the chosen ski trails
• for all flights in the summer months - July and August.

Contributions can vary from time to time, but the applicable rates in effect at the time specified when you order and / or pay for your luggage.
No association or change in baggage allowance is not permitted, even within the EU, but from time to time the rules are subject to change. However, the specific terms and conditions in force at the time when you order and / or pay for your luggage. If you have already registered two items of luggage (each unit must meet pre-paid by weight), then you can no longer record an additional piece of luggage. Any passenger exceeding the permitted baggage allowance (by weight) will be forced to pay a fine for the preponderance of the corresponding rates on the day of the flight. This is - £ 20 / € 20 per kilogram.
For infants not pridusmatrivaetsya hand baggage and checked baggage. However, a fully folded stroller can bring in free of charge. Additional children's accessories such as child seats, carry cot, etc. can be made in addition to zdavaemomu luggage (max 20kg per item).
At airports with self-service stands (Self-service) you will have to pay fees for checked baggage and / or a fine for exceeding the allowable baggage and deliver your luggage at the counter taking luggage no later than 40 minutes before departure.
Higher *** payment for luggage applies to flights between the 18th December 10th and 26th March 2011 at the following selected ski destinations - all flights to Grenoble, Turin Dublin-Dublin, Stansted-Turin-Stansted, Dublin-Salzburg -Dublin, Stansted-Salzburg-Stansted, Gatwick, Stansted, Lourdes, Stansted, Stansted, Tsuneo, Stockholm Skavsta, Stockholm Skavsta, Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt, Gothenburg, Gothenburg.

If you have excess baggage If a passenger exceeds the allowed rate of transport of checked baggage, it will be obliged to pay a fine for the preponderance of the applicable rates for each extra kilogram.
Please note that each passenger can pay a maximum of two pieces of luggage, each of which rules shall not exceed the established norms.


Transportation of sports equipment

This sports equipment like large fishing rods, golf clubs, bicycles, scooters, fencing, surfboards, snowboards and skis, and other such things can be carried on board an aircraft only if you add something transported in your checked baggage (not as separate unit of baggage!) and if the luggage is not allowed more than the norm (max 20 kg of a unit ). If you do it online, then you will not have to pay extra taxes. If a thing is not to be booked prior to arrival at the airport or through a call center Ryanair, will be applied to the total charge for luggage.

For any item of sports equipment, by weight exceeding 20 kg will be charged a penalty for excess weight for each extra kilogram.

The bike has a margin of weight - 30 kg.
Due to space restrictions in the aircraft, we recommend that all sports equipment has been ordered online at time of booking tickets.

Special instructions for the carriage of bicycles: pedals must be removed (or installed inside), and the steering wheel should be installed sideways. Bicycles must be placed in a protective box or bag. From a security perspective is not necessary to lower the bus, on bicycles and wheelchairs. However, if you want to eliminate the minimum risk of damage such as rupture, you can deflate the tire.

Transportation of soccer balls and / or a rugby ball Ryanair will take to transport soccer balls, rugby balls and other inflatable objects in the event that they are partially or completely pumped out before the flight.

Transportation of inflatable lifejackets Inflatable life jackets with 2 cylinders of carbon dioxide (plus 2 spares) can be carried in hand luggage and in checked luggage.

The passage of a parachute Parachutes any type of entertainment or sports may be carried in hand luggage and in checked luggage with all the limitations of standard size and weight. Such things may include additional devices such as a barometer, or any other mechanical device. These accessories are eligible for registration.
Packing the parachute must not contain any pyrotechnics or smoke signals - these supplies are not acceptable for transportation in an airplane of the airline company.


Transportation of musical instruments Large musical instruments such as cellos, harps, basses, drums, and other such things can be carried on board an aircraft only if you add something transported in your checked baggage (not separately) And if the luggage at the same time does not exceed the permitted norm (max 20 kg of a unit ).
Small musical instruments such as guitar, violin or viola which exceed the standard size of hand luggage can be transported in the cabin, if purchased additional space.
To book an extra seat for musical instrument online you must specify when ordering 2 places, first place must be booked in the name of an actual passenger, and another location should be entered as ITEM SEAT (place of the product) as the name and EXTRA (optional) as a name. In the name of the boarding pass will be shown as an additional place PRODUCTS (EXTRA ITEM SEAT).
Please note that passengers who purchase an extra seat, registration must be used online. These passenger's travel document must be entered in both places by registering online. Online registration is available with 15 days and no later than 4 hours before the scheduled departure time.
Passengers who have booked an extra seat should arrive at the landing site for at least 30 minutes before departure time. If you can not find two seats next to the plane, please contact the team plane and they can guarantee you, your two seats side by side.


Check-in for Ryanair flights

All passengers are required to check-in in the airport or on-line via Ryanair homepage. Passengers can check-in online from 15 days up to 4 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure.

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