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Price is shown as "starting with" per 1 person.
Number of tickets for this price is limited.

Price includes:
- Check-in luggage - 20 kg;
- Hand luggage - 5 kg;
- Fuel and airport taxes.

Price for an infant (0-1.99 y.o.), without separate seat:
15.00 EUR.

Upon request:
- Availability and price of additional tickets;
- Availability and price of tickets for flights from/to Vilnius or Tallinn airport.

Flight information

flight date Airline Departures Arrivals
04.12.2020 SmartLynx 08:50 13:20
18.12.2020 SmartLynx 14:05 22:05

Passengers data

!! Only Latin alphabet letters are accepted, no diacritical marks like macron or palatalization (softening) mark should be used.

Name Surname Gender Nationality Birth date Infant Price
1 559 €
2 559 €
3 559 €
4 559 €
5 559 €

Contact information

Method of payment

Travel Insurance


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Client (tourist, customer) in order to perform the contract shall provide personal data, as well as contact details.

Client is personally responsible:
- for the correctness of the provided data and their provision in due time;
- for the validity of Client’s identity document, receipt and validity of visa (if it is necessary), receipt and validity of other documents necessary for travel (e.g. permission or power of attorney for traveling of children);
- for ensuring communication according to the specified contact details.

Client is informed that the reservation will not be confirmed automatically. Travel agency’s manager will contact Client by e-mail and/or by phone before reservation confirmation.
If the reservation cannot be confirmed, alternatives will be offered.

Client is informed that temporary reservation (hold) of the ordered services on the Client’s name will not be made, unless the Agency’s manager specifically indicated this in the e-mail offer.

Client undertakes to pay for ordered services in full and in due time according to the invoice issued to the Client by the Travel agency.
Price of the ordered services is guaranteed, and reservation will be made only after Travel agency receives the payment according to the invoice issued to the Client.

Travel agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the payment for the reservation is not done on due time or Client had not submitted all required data and/or documents.

If Client does not follow contract rules, the Agency will deduct actual expenses related to the fulfillment of obligations under the contract.

Flight date change: not possible. Ticket class: non-refundable.

Charter flights are organized by and flight tickets are sold by Tourism operators.
Bode.lv (Travel agency ALANI) signs an agreement for purchase of charter flight tickets on behalf of Tourism operators.

Bode.lv (Travel agency ALANI) is not responsible:
- for rescheduling or cancellation of flights, initiated by Tourism operators, who are flight service organizers and/or providers;
- for flights delays or other problems, caused by weather conditions, airports, actions of air companies.

Due to possible changes in time and/or date of departure the Client is obligated to check the date and time of departure not less than 24 hours before departure via the Travel agency or corresponding airport’s website from which the flight is planned.

 Terms & Conditions and Privacy and Data Processing Policy

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