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Reykjavik is Iceland's largest city and its capital city, located to the southwest of the Bay of Faksafloji. The northernmost in the national capital. In iceland language city name means "smoky bay".In 870th Viking Ingolfurs Arnarsons (Ingólfur Arnarson) establish camp in Reykjavik, which describes the so-called Accommodation in Iceland Book (Landnámabók). The following Reykjavik word is not found in any text up to the 1752nd, when the king of Denmark ( island was in Danish possession) gave a cloak of wool recycling company. In 19th century came the idea of ​​the independence of Iceland, Reykjavik, and was one of the centers of this movement. In 1844th  to Reykjavik moves the Althing (parliament). In 1918th 1 of december Iceland got ownership rights. In 1940th  10 of  May Reykjavik is  invaded by British Army. In Second World War Reykjavik's half population is British and U.S. militaries. In 1944th year 17 of June is declared Iceland's independence and the new country's capital is Reykjavik. In 1986th  11 of October  in Reykjavik meet  the U.S. and the then Soviet leaders (Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan).

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