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Podgorica is a city in southern Montenegro - Zeta Plain and the northern edge of Ribnica and Moraca River. The country's largest city and its actual capital. The constitution states that the historical capital of Montenegro is Cetinje, while the administrative capital is Podgorica. From 5. century when the Slavs arrived in the neighborhood, was established Podgorica, which had called Ribnica, but in 1326th first mentioned the name of Podgorica. In 1474th the city ranked Osman, in 1878th the Congress of Berlin incorporated it in Montenegro composition. During World War Podgorica was bombed more than 70 times and was almost completely destroyed. In 1946th the name of Podgorica was Titograd and it was a capital of the Republic of Montenegro, but since 2006. year 3rd of June Podgorica is the administrative capital of an independent Montenegro.

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