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Belarusian Airlines takes the leading position in passenger air transportations on the Belarusian market. Belavia is a rapidly growing, modern, company that meets requirements of the latest innovations in air transport. The Airline is customer-oriented and makes its best efforts to provide air traveling possibilities both by its own direct flights and those of its partners to continue their journey immediately to any country in the world.



Owing to the cooperative team of highly qualified professionals for the short period of time Belavia has showed itself as a reliable and competitive air carrier, with flights to: Amsterdam, Astana, Baku, Beirut, Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, Hannover, Yerevan, Kaliningrad, Kyev, Kostanay, Larnaca, London, Manchester, Milan, Minsk, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Riga, Rome, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Istanbul, Stockholm, Tallin, Tbilisi, Teharn, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt.



 Hand baggage


Baggage size should not exceed following dimensions: 50х40х20 сm.


Hand baggage allowance per one person is:


For business class passengers:  1 bag not exceeding 12 kg;

For economy class passengers: 1 bag not exceeding 8 kg.


Checked-in baggage


Baggage size should not exceed following dimensions: 50х50х100 (сm).


Free registered baggage allowance per one person is:


For business class passengers: 1 bag, max. 30 kg;

For Economy class passengers: 1 bag, max. 20kg;

Children aged to 2 years without a separate seat and with 10% of normal tariff ticket payment: max. 10 kg.


Passengers, travelling with infants could carry as an excess baggage:

  • one child's folding stroller
  • or one car chair for the babies
  • or one handheld baby bassinet.


Free baggage allowance is not applicable to:

  • oversized baggage (weight in excess 30 kg, size exceeding 1,60 m in three dimensions);
  • sporting equipment for skiing, water sports and golf;
  • Pets and household birds;
  • Video and household devices in excess of 10 kg;
  • Express mail and parcels in excess of 5 kg;
  • Flowers, young plants and potherbs in excess of 5 kg.


Passengers should pay additionally for the baggage mentioned. Price depends on baggage actual weight.



Check-in for Belavia flights



Passengers’ check-in begins 2 hours and ends 40 minutes before flight departure from the National airport Minsk. Passengers shall come to the airport check-in beforehand. Passengers should specify the time of check-in start and completion if checking-in in other airport.

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