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rev. 20210401-A

1. Charter flights are organized and air tickets for charter flights are sold by Tour Operators.
Travel agency SIA “ALANI” (hereinafter – the Agency) at the website BODE.LV (hereinafter – the Website) signs a contract with the Client – the actual customer of services – on the purchase of air tickets for a charter flight on behalf of the respective Tour Operator.
In the understanding of the Website, tickets for a charter flight are considered to be tickets offered on the Website in the “CHARTERS” section for charter flights organized by Tour Operators, as well as tickets pre-booked by Tour Operators for regular flights to those destinations where charter flights are not operated at all (e.g. Bangkok), or they are not fulfilled by the respective Tour Operator.

2. The Agency is not responsible:
- for the pricing policy of the Tour Operator and price fluctuations;
- for the decision of the Tour Operator to reduce or increase the number of tickets at a certain price;
- for the transfer or cancellation of flights on the initiative of the Tour Operator or the airline, which are, respectively, the organizer and performer of the air transportation service;
- for flight delays or other problems related to weather conditions, airports, actions of airlines or local authorities.

3. The Agency undertakes:
- to update the information provided on the Website as soon as possible, within the resources of the Agency;
- to process the received reservation requests as soon as possible, taking into account the working hours of the Agency's managers, as well as the working hours of the Tour Operators' managers;
- to transmit to the Clients the messages received from the Tour Operator regarding the reserved flight, incl. on changes in the departure time, transfer or cancellation of a flight, the impossibility of ensuring the performance of certain previously agreed and / or reserved services by the Client, as soon as possible, taking into account the working hours of the Agency's managers.

4. Consultations by phone or in the office are provided only on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00.
At other times, a request must be sent to the Agency's email address.
Consultations in the office are provided by prior agreement.

5. When making a reservation request on the Website, the Client, in order to fulfill the contract, undertakes to provide personal data about the Passengers, as well as contact information for communication.

6. The Сlient is personally responsible:
- for familiarization with the Terms & Conditions, the Privacy and Data Processing Policy and these Terms;
- for familiarization with the details of a particular flight indicated on the page of the corresponding flight;
- for clarification of information in case of ambiguity before the end of the booking process, using the contact information indicated on the Website and taking into account the working hours of the Agency's managers;
- for the correctness of the Passenger data specified in the request for reservation, compliance with the instructions for entering the Passenger data, timely provision of additional data, if necessary;
- for the validity of the Passenger's identity documents, the presence and validity of a visa and / or transit visa (if necessary), the presence and validity of additional documents required for the trip (if any, including permits and powers of attorney for the travel of children);
- for timely familiarization with the conditions of safe travel and with additional (temporary or permanent) conditions of entry into the country of destination and return to the country of residence;
- for preparation and payment of additional documents necessary for entering the country of destination and returning to the country of residence and the fulfillment of other additional conditions (for example: test results, vaccination certificates, filling out entry forms); the cost of such additional procedures is not included in the ticket price;
- for providing communication according to the specified contact information, including checking whether the settings of the Client's mail service do not block messages from the Agency;
- for periodically checking the Client's e-mail (until the reserved service is fully completed) in order to timely receive messages from the Agency.

7. The Client is informed that reservations on the Website in the “CHARTERS” section are not processed online and are not automatically confirmed.
Before confirming the reservation, the Agency's manager will contact the Client by e-mail and / or phone.
Email is used as the main channel of communication – to document the booking process.
If the reservation request can be confirmed, an invoice and instructions for paying for the reservation will be attached to the email.
If the reservation request cannot be confirmed, alternative options will be offered if possible.

8. The Client is informed that a temporary reservation (hold) of a ticket in the name of the Client before receiving payment is not made, except for cases when it is offered by the Rules of a particular Tour Operator, and the Agency's manager specially noted this fact in the response e-mail offer.

9. The Client undertakes to timely pay for the ordered ticket and / or additional service within the deadline set for payment in accordance with the invoice issued to the Client and instructions for its payment.
The price of the ordered ticket and / or additional service is guaranteed, and the reservation is made only after the Agency has received full payment according to the invoice issued to the Client.
Payment is considered received only after it has been credited to the Agency's bank account or received at the cashier's office at the Agency's office.

10. The Agency and the Tour Operator reserve the right to cancel the reservation in case of delayed payment by the Client or untimely provision of the necessary information and / or documents by the Client.

11. If payment has been received when the ordered ticket and / or additional service is no longer possible to reserve, including:
- if payment is received after the deadline specified in the invoice,
- if a ticket or additional service is no longer available at the previously indicated price or is not available at all,
the Agency's manager informs the Client about this fact and offers an alternative, if available, or a refund of the payment received.
Refunds or refunds of overpayments in the event that the Client has chosen an alternative service at a lower price than the price of the originally selected service is made as soon as possible, but no later than two (2) working days from the date of receipt of payment to the bank account, or to the Agency's cashier.

12. Terms of delivery of tickets:
Tickets paid by the Client and reserved by the Agency are delivered electronically to the e-mail address specified by the Client within two (2) working days from the date of receipt of payment and receipt from the Client of all data necessary for issuing a ticket – in PDF format and in the form of an electronic ticket or confirmation of the reservation (hereinafter – E-ticket), depending on the form chosen by the Tour Operator.
In urgent cases, insofar as possible, the Agency shortens the period for issuing and delivering an E-ticket to the Client.
The Client is obliged to print the received E-ticket and / or keep it for submission in electronic form, if the particular airline allows it. By prior arrangement, a printout of the E-ticket can be obtained at the Agency's office during the Agency's working hours.
If, for some reason, the E-ticket cannot be issued within the specified period (for example, on weekends or holidays, or the ticket is purchased during the early booking period, when the relevant Tour Operator has not yet started issuing E-tickets for the next season), a confirmation of the completed reservation, which includes the reservation number in the Tour Operator's reservation system, information about the flight and passenger data, the amount of the reservation and confirmation of receipt of payment, is e-mailed to the Client or issued at the Agency's office.

13. Conditions for replacement or refund of tickets:
- Ticket refund: non-refundable;
- Change of flight date: not possible;
- Correction of errors in passenger data: free of charge, if allowed by the airline;
- Replacement of a passenger: upon request, depending on the conditions of a particular ticket, for an additional fee.

14. If the Client needs a possibility of changes in the selected ticket, he/she must contact the Agency before paying for the reservation. The Agency's managers will check whether tickets are offered for the selected flight with the possibility of subsequent changes, or they will offer other nearest departure dates when such tickets are available and will inform the Client about the fee charged for the changes and the timing of the changes. Please note that the price of such tickets is usually significantly higher.

15. Due to a possible change in the time and (or) date of departure, the Client is obliged to clarify the date and time of departure at least 24 hours before departure at the Agency (within the Agency's working hours), and on the day of departure – on the website of the respective airport or in the information center of the airport.
Please note that on the day of departure, the Agency, as a rule, does not receive last minute messages from the Tour Operator about flight changes, especially for morning flights.
Information on charter flights appears on airport websites, as a rule, no earlier than 24 hours before departure.

 Terms & Conditions and Privacy and Data Processing Policy

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